This layout came about after a visit that my wife and I had in June 2016 to Blaenau Ffestiniog station to get the train to Porthmadog .

I used Laser cut units from Platform 3 models who are based in Tavistock not to far away I met Tom Hussey at the Taunton show in 2017.

After putting the fiddle yards boards and the display cabinets together, the top surface was covered with 3mm cork sheet and the Peco 009 track was laid on to this, Peco electric frog points were used and DCC Omega point motors used on all points.

In the station to allow the loco to run around the carriages a sector plate was used but this had to be driven by a motor as the control panel is 8 feet away so an uncoupler unite was fitted operated by a servo from a Peco smart switch. I first used another servo to move the sector plate this worked fine ! But when a Double Fairlie was parked on the plate it would not move next step a small geared. Motor output 9 RPM linked to a screw jack solved the problem with a couple of micro switches it stop in location every time.

The scenery, all the buildings were scratch built from card and plastic I used Google maps street view to get the plan of the buildings plus pictures from books.

Where the WHR cones into Porthmadog Harbour Station  it has to cross the Maine road and the river There are no road barriers only a warning light system I used  level crossing warning light boards and a controller board from Layouts4U which works very well the only modification that I made was to fit a small strip of aluminium foil to the underside of the bogies on the loco and the carriages used on the WHR side of the layout to trigger the light system.

The layout is 16 feet long and is operated with two operators with a control panel at each end the control system DCC NCE Power cab for controlling the locos. The layout is 12VDC for points and lights some of the locos have sound decoders.

The 4 boards are joined with a triangle board in the middle giving the layout a v shape, floor area used is 20 feet x 8 feet approximately.