This is a 009 layout of Lynton Station on the Lynton and Barnstable line. It was a narrow gauge railway built in 1895 and ran freight and passenger traffic until 1923. It was then taken over by the Southern Railway which ran it until its closure in 1935. The layout is based in about 1930 when both L&B and Southern liveries were running and the Southern were in the process of changing all the rolling stock to Southern style.

There is a runaround track to the outside so trains can run a continuous circuit with a 4 track traverser behind the backscene to hold stock. All trains are controlled by DCC. The buildings and tunnel mouth are made from card and paper from plans downloaded from the internet. Overall dimensions are 63 inches by 30 inches (1.6 by 0.75 Mts) and the layout also has overhead strip lights for illumination..