This is an 0 gauge layout with a scenic length of about 5 metres.  It represents a run-down branch line of somewhat indeterminate era and location.  That gives us the scope to run steam or diesel or both. For the number of passengers it serves the station ought to have closed a number of years ago.  However, the station before this up the line which has a far heavier footfall does not have a run-round facility for loco-hauled passenger services and Tresoddit therefore provides a convenient terminus for the, usually, two coach trains.

The area is ripe for regeneration when the next economic boom time arrives.  Local employment presently comes from the Pronto Sawmill which receives felled trees by rail for cutting up. Sawn timber is then forwarded to its main distribution centre again by rail.  Pronto uses whatever wagons it has been able to acquire second-hand.  Occasional wagons are brought into the goods shed for loading or unloading.

The name Tresoddit has been shamelessly purloined from a comic strip of the 1970s and 80s by Posy Simmonds.  However, here it has grown a little from the “tiny hamlet set in grey, granite loins” of Posy’s original.

Derelict industrial site, once rail-connected, being reclaimed by nature
Sawn timber awaiting a loco and guards van
Timber wagons and a barrier wagon being shunted into the sawmill
Tresoddit Station