Ostrava is part of the second largest conurbation in the Czech Republic after Prague. It lies in the east of that country and was built on coal mining and metallurgy.

The layout is 0 gauge and measures around 5m by 1.5m. It is based on the railway scene as it might have been in the communist era pre-1989. It has two continuous loops, a loco shed, sidings and a coal mine. It provides the opportunity to run a number of brightly coloured freight and passenger trains with a variety of locomotives.

A wealth of incidental detail is included on the baseboard. The stock and track are from ETS, a Czech firm, and showcase the variety and quality of detailing and printing that can be achieved with modern tinplate manufacture.

A busy morning on shed
At the coaling stage
Goods train passing the mine
Passenger trains with the mails
Shed workers taking a break