Layout Availability

We have a number of layouts that are available or can be made available to take to exhibitions elsewhere.  Some of these are club layouts while others belong to members.  In all cases initial enquiries for bookings should be addressed to the Secretary.

Some layouts are not currently exhibition-ready and will be worked on when time and manpower permit.  If one of these is of particular interest to you, please enquire as we may be able to move it up the “to do” list.

Those marked with an asterisk can be seen on the layouts pages of this website or on our YouTube channel

Name Gauge Size Club or private Available Operators Transport Description
Penhazel Bay N 9' by 15” private Yes 1 Car Modern image urban terminus with freight. 
Shortstone * N 28” by 14” private Yes 1 Car Modern image goods yard. Used as a shunting puzzle with over 6700 combinations. 
Penhallow Junction * N 6' by 18” private Yes 1 Van Modern branch line terminus set in Cornwall. With freight. 
Redborne Parkway * N 4' by 3' private Yes 1 Car Two-road through station with sidings, based west Cornwall.  Steam through to HST. 
Lyskeris N 16' by 3' club Late 2020. 2 Van Two-road through station based loosely on Liskeard.  Track laid but scenery only just started.  Era can vary.  May be available late 2020.
South Prairie N 17' by 2'6” club Could be ready by 2021. 2 Van American mid-west town and country. Era can vary.  Requires refurbishment. Could be ready by 2021.
Tregonning N 4'8” by 2' private Yes 1 Car Steam/diesel transition. Contained entirely within a case. 
Roscoath Junction N 18' by 3' private End of 2019. 2 Van Station with industrial yard plus countryside.  Blue diesel era. 
Middle Wharf * N 10'6” by 7'6” private Soon 2 Van L-shaped.  BR sectorisation period. Terminus to terminus.
Penderoke 00 21' by 18” club Available but extended fiddle yard version available summer 2019. 2 Van Steam/blue diesel era.  Branch line terminus.  Available in existing version.
Graig Merthyr 00 20' by 2' private Operational but scenery not fully complete. 2 Van Diesel era Welsh terminus ex-GWR. DCC with sound.
St Just to St Ives  * 00 8'3” by 4' club Available 2 Van Cornish village/town setting.  Era can vary.
Praze 00 10' by 6' club Available. 2 Van Four-road through town station with two-road lead-ins. Era can vary. Sits about3ft off the floor.
“Thomas”-type layout 00 5' by 3'6” club 2020. 2 Van Simple loops with basic scenery.  Suitable for children to operate under supervision.  Needs a little refurbishment. 
[No name yet] H0 13'6” by 18” club Unknown 2 Van American rural community. Undergoing refurbishment.   Era and availability unknown.
Colorado Rockies H0n3 13' by 18” private 2020 2 Van American setting – the hint is in the name.  1900S to 1920s. 
Lynton Station * 009 6' by 3' private Yes 2 Car A setting of the Lynton & Barnstable narrow gauge line.  Available. Fits in car.
Porthmadog Harbour Station 009 Overall 15' by 5'4” private May be autumn 2019. 2 Van The interchange between the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways on angled boards. In preparation. 
Tresoddit * 0 25' by 3' club Late 2019 2 Van Run-down branch terminus with sawmill. Mainly diesel/some steam. Presently having pointwork upgraded.  Enquire if interested.
Ostrava * 0 13' by 5'6” club Yes 2 Van Modern tinplate. 1950s/60s steam/diesel Czechoslovak setting. Coal mine and loco shed. Some locos with sound. 
Llawnroc Yard * 0 22' by 2' club   2 Van American industrial yard.  Diesel/steam with sound.  Unavailable at present: buildings need refurbishing due to transit damage from last two exhibitions.
[No name yet] 0n30 21' by 2' club 2021 2 Van American logging and sawmill scene.  1900s to 1930s era. Some track laid.