Carnkief Central

This is a permanent 00 scale layout in the clubroom. It occupies some 30 feet by 10 feet and is wired for 12v d.c. operation. Trains are usually run from the centre although the long-lead controllers mean that trains can be operated from outside but routes cannot be set. One side and two ends are scenic while the other side contains 4 up and 4 down storage sidings. The main line has two tracks but splits into four at the station. There are two branch lines that feed into bay platforms but do have crossovers onto the main lines. There is a stabling point for off-roster locos.
The layout is not located in any particular region (although parts do have a Cornish influence) nor in any time period and members are able to run a whole range of stock on it.  The photo of the station shows an express running through at speed, a steam loco in& the far bay, a DMU in the near bay and even two French coaches in the foreground siding. The other photo shows the busy storage sidings, on this occasion with modern image freight and passenger stock.
Carnkief Central Sidings
Carnkief Central Station